Does your child have behavioral, social, or learning disabilities; a brain injury,  or impaired neurological skills? Have medications, diet, and traditional treatments yielded little or no improvement?


Creating a healthy neurological foundation for your child should be a top priority for recovering your child. There is a correlation between the functional movements that we progress through as children and the level of health we have as adults. By using neurological re-organization to facilitate  healthy movement, we can create healthy people.

Neurological Re-organization

Neurological re-organization

Neurological re-organization (NR) honors and integrates the natural order of human development. NR uses a prescribed set of repetitive movements to remap your child’s neural pathways. Just as traffic is rerouted around damaged sections of road, NR strengthens existing neural pathways around damaged or underdeveloped parts of the brain.

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NR therapy

First-time Visit and Appointments

Active Healing NR therapy

An Active Healing therapist evaluates your child’s skills of vision, touch, hearing, movement, language, and hand function to establish your child’s level of proficiency. These results identify the developmental stage at which the initial injury or delay occurred and thus the point at which the Active Healing program must begin.

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NR therapy

What People Are Saying About Active Healing

“Adeline has already reached her IEP goals for the year and it is only December.”

Florence and Bruce, NY
Parents of Adeline 4 year old PDD diagnosis


“Four days after our evaluation Brandon had his best day at school and has been doing well ever since.”

Denise, VA
Mother of Brandon, 4 year old Learning Disabled


“I am so glad we found you and that you gave us this invaluable program. Dad has done more in the last few months than during the entire first year after his injury.”

Lorraine, PA
Daughter of John, 59-year old T.B.I.


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