What is Audio-Visual Entrainment?

Through the use of an AVE device, a person can experiences brainwave entrainment (BWE). Brainwave entrainment is the result of exposing the brain’s visual pathway to pulsing lights and the auditory channel to rhythmic beats or tones. When this is done ones brainwave activity begins to entrain or follow the flicker of the light and beat or rhythm of the sound.


Who can AVE help?

You can activate an AVE program to entrain the brain at a frequency that would be most useful for the participant. Some of the uses and benefits of BWE with an AVE unit, as indicated by the research, are as follows:


AVE Improves the Condition of People With Autism

  • Reduce tantrums and aggressiveness.
  • Reduces hyperactivity.
  • Improved speech articulation and vocabulary.
  • Normalized sleep patterns.
  • Increase alertness.


AVE Boosts IQ

  • The IQ of people with ADD/ADHD usually experience a 10 to 20 point increase.
  • The IQ of people with learning disabilities increase by 20 to 30 points.

AVE Reduces Stress and Produces Deep Relaxation

  • Decrease in stress related neurochemicals.
  • Reduce muscle tension.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Reduce heart rate.


AVE Exercises the Brain

  • Increases the blood supply to the brain.
  • Increases dentritic length.
  • Increases brain mass.
  • Enriches the brain’s environment.


AVE Produces Many Other Benefits

  • Helps overcome depression and anxiety.
  • Accelerates learning capabilities. AVE is proven to help people become more adept at learning difficult and complex material.
  • Improves both long and short term memory.
  • Increase the power of the immune system to overcome existing diseases and boost its resistance to infection.
  • Alleviates pain.
  • Produces unprecedented substance abuse recovery rates.
  • Source: A Chance to Grow, Inc., Minneapolis, MN


Mind Alive AVE Unit Information

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AVE Research

The study of “brainwaves” have played a vital role in the understanding of how the brain and mind function. A person’s brainwave activity is constantly shifting and changing during the day and night. Virtually every form of mental and physical activity will cause changes in this activity.


Brainwave activity tends to fall into four groups: beta, alpha, theta, and delta. These categories are associated with the frequencies of the brain. Particular frequencies are associated with specific mental states as follows:


  • Beta 14-30 Hz = awake, normal alert, conscious
  • Alpha 9-13 Hz = relaxed, calm, lucid, not thinking
  • Theta 4-8 Hz = deep relaxation and meditation, mental imagery
  • Delta 1-3 Hz = deep dreamless sleep


A Hz (hertz) is one oscillation per second. So, if the brain’s neural pathways are oscillating 16 times every second, it is operating at 16 Hz, which is a beta wave.


AVE uses sympathetic resonance to help the brain modulate at the desired frequency Sympathetic resonance occurs when an object begins to vibrate at the same rate as another stimulus. It is this phenomenon by which pianos are tuned.


Amazingly, the brain itself is vibratory and capable of mimicking the vibratory rate of an environmental stimulus. When surrounded by an outside vibration the brain produces electrical activity which resonates at the same frequency as the outside stimulus (brainwave entrainment).


In earlier times, humans used to benefit from this principal by using a fire against a cave wall. The flicker against the backdrop of a cave wall surrounded the individual in a frequency that matched this meditative brainwave state.  Many years later we learned to combine the effect of the flame with a synchronized drum beat to induce that same state brainwave state faster. Science and technology have come a long way since then. Today, we have Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) technology that uses high tech glasses with LED’s and headphones to stimulate brainwave frequencies along a continuum from deep sleep to alert focused concentration.