The Benefits of Ioncleanse


A long walk on the beach is therapeutic—mentally and physiologically. The benefit of a barefoot walk along the beach is that your body absorbs millions of negatively charged ions which alkalize the blood and tissue. Additionally, all those ions contribute to a sense of peace and relaxation. The IonCleanse system by A Major Difference (AMD) creates precisely the same environment as a walk along the beach, only more powerfully because your feet are in direct contact with the ions being manufactured in the water. Place your feet in the water, turn on the unit and within seconds, millions of ions enter your body and begin to neutralize these tissue acid wastes. Fat and mucous residues found in the water after bathing reflect the wastes that have left the body during the 20-30 minute session. Studies have shown the IonCleanse by AMD helps eliminate a wide spectrum of heavy metals. Active Healing clients and families of all ages (4 and up) have benefited from regular use of the IonCleanse by AMD. For more info visit


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