Neurological Re-organization (NR) is a movement-based therapy that targets foundational areas of the brain to organize and integrate functions not addressed by other interventions. Both children and adults have achieved amazing results with NR.



NR uses a prescribed set of repetitive movements to remap your child’s neural pathways. Just as traffic is rerouted around damaged sections of road, NR strengthens existing neural pathways around damaged or underdeveloped parts of the brain. This allows your child’s brain to continue developing naturally – without surgery or pharmaceuticals – as it was intended to.


An added benefit of neurological re-organization is that it uses the best therapist available – you! At Active Healing, we recognize that mothers and fathers have profound wisdom regarding their children. No physician or therapist can equal your comprehensive understanding of your child. Parents have the most essential tools for healing – love, commitment, and desire. Active Healing complements those skills with a healing program unique to your child that you administer at home. While our programs can be intense, anyone can learn them and all of our clients benefit from them.




NR can be used to treat any developmental delay, learning disability, or injury that originates in the brain, such as:


·         Attention Deficit  Disorder (ADD)

·         Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

·         Anxiety or depression

·         Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

·         Cerebral Palsy

·         Concussion or other head injury

·         Developmental delays and learning disabilities

·         Dyslexia

·         Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

·         Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

·         Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)

·         Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

·         Reaction Attachment Disorder (RAD)

·         Stroke





Neurological re-organization programs generally consist of six to eight elements. Because every child’s brain is different, every child’s program will be different. Also, as your child’s brain builds new neural pathways, their prescription of program elements could change to further help your child reach their full potential.


  • Forward roll
  • Cross lateral patterning
  • Crawling (belly)
  • Creeping (hands and knees)
  • Tonic Neck reflex patterning




A solid working relationship between you, your child, and your Active Healing therapist is essential to your child’s success.


Implementing your child’s NR program


Active Healing, Inc. provides home-based, individualized functional movement programs to stimulate typical maturation of the nervous system. This empowers you, acting as your child’s central therapist, to reduce the gap between your child’s current capabilities and their future potential. It is critical that you thoroughly understand and commit to your child’s NR program to make progress in the most efficient manner.


Assessing your Child’s Progress


The majority of children in an NR program achieve quantifiable gains after 80-90 contact hours with the NR program elements. After your child has made progress, it is necessary to quantify the gain and adjust the program to reflect this growth. This can only be done within the context of the three re-evaluations that are required annually. In order to accurately determine progress, your child must attend each re-evaluation. To teach you, the central therapist, how to perform the new exercises, you must attend the re-evaluation. Missing these appointments puts you at the risk of performing program elements that are no longer applicable and hindering your child’s ability to reach their full potential.




A baby needs to crawl and creep before it can learn to read well. Some children skip crawling and/or creeping and proceed straight to walking. Parents are usually very proud of their child’s “advanced development”, but ironically that child will have trouble learning how to read or can be physically uncoordinated.


The reason is simple. The brain and nervous system need to experience the function of moving both on their stomachs and on their hands and knees. While performing these movements their eyes are continuously watching their hands alternate from side to side which establishes the basis for moving the eyes left to right to left again as they do when reading. If that groundwork is not done at the appropriate age, it can be done later to improve reading ability.


In a study conducted by the Minneapolis Learning Resource Center “students who had previously fallen behind…make an average gain of one year and several months in key subjects.”