Our Wonderful Staff

Sargent L. Goodchild Jr.

Executive Director


Sargent began life as a brain injured child. At four years of age, Sargent was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. None of the professionals who met with Sargent were capable of seeing his potential. Instead they saw a severely epileptic child with a dismal future. The best medical advice his parents were given was to put him on anticonvulsant and muscle relaxing medication. Yet, the seven medications that he was taking were not controlling the seizures and he was too toxic for his parents to bear.


Sargent’s parents chose another route due to their deep love and understanding as well as the glimmers of potential he expressed at home, but never in the doctor’s office. They wanted him to be well and were not limited by academic knowledge, rather positively motivated by parental love. They went outside the medical community and found hope for Sargent’s future. Their faith, hope and determination saved the life of their son, a life that would have otherwise been devastated by the prescription medications he was taking.


Sargent’s life experiences speak of the success of this program: He graduated with honors from a respected university, was a highly ranked wrestler, cross country runner, and a professional mountain biker. He has bicycled across the United States and Canada, and has done extensive offshore sailing. He is happily married, a father, and both founder and executive director of Active Healing, Inc. His goal in life is to give every child, especially, those who are developmentally challenged, the opportunity to reach their optimal physical and intellectual potential.


However, these things would not have the meaning that they do today if it were not for the successes of other families who have sought his consultation and now have similar stories to tell.


Jennie Spangenberg


The former owner of Crunchy Granola Baby in neighboring Salem MA., Jennie has a passion for holistic wellness. She has been a champion of that lifestyle for her family, clients of Active Healing and the community in general. She is a wonderful resource who offers support for families interested in switching to a natural and non-toxic lifestyle. Jennie met Sarge in 2008 when a friend introduced them and he was the guest speaker at her store discussing the role of movement in the creation of a healthy brain and body. Jennie is a natural connector and loves to meet new people. She has created amazing relationships at Active Healing. She is the mother of 2 active boys Tommie, 11 years old and Ben 6 years old. She enjoys the outdoors, fishing and going on adventures with her boys.