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Sargent Goodchild


Sargent's journey from a brain-injured child to the founder of Active Healing is a testament to the power of alternative approaches. Diagnosed with a seizure disorder at a young age, Sargent's potential was overlooked by traditional medical professionals. His parents, driven by love and determination, sought unconventional methods outside the medical community. Their faith and hope led to Sargent's remarkable recovery, freeing him from the debilitating effects of prescription medications.

Today, Sargent's life is a reflection of the program's success. He has excelled academically, achieved athletic accomplishments, and explored various adventures. As the founder and executive director of Active Healing, his mission is to provide every child, especially those facing developmental challenges, with the opportunity to reach their full potential. The stories of other families who have sought his consultation further validate the effectiveness of his approach.


Meet the Active Healing Team


Dawn has been working with Sarge for 5+ years and has her own holistic business, BioMagnetic Pairing Therapy - North Shore, adding another service to the Active Healing services repertoire. Dawn manages appointments, travel, billing and assists the clients that come in for spa services.  With expertise in biomagnetic therapy, she has a healing touch and a deep commitment to our clients’ well-being. Dawn has a passion for natural healing modalities and has helped numerous individuals achieve optimal health through the power of the modalities at Active Healing and with biomagnetism. Dawn's joyful personality brings a bright and fun presence to Active Healing.

Dawn Thompson

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